You Are Loved

My daughter, Danielle, started Concordia in the third grade before the building was built that exists today. She had been in public school before, and the difference was overwhelming. The staff and teachers warmly welcomed us and treated us with love and respect. I'll never forget walking into the classroom and seeing posters with the name of Jesus proclaimed; my heart was full as I looked around the school, and I knew that God had answered my prayers for the best education and environment for my daughter. I was a single parent at the time, and Concordia provided assistance to us. We are so very grateful. My daughter attended Concordia through the 8th grade, made lasting friendships, participated in sports and lots of fun activities, and still cherishes her time there.

My son, Wesley, started Concordia in Kindergarten. We attended a Baptist church that had a school, so my husband and I intended to send Wesley there. However, because of a few bad experiences at the daycare Wesley attended, that school was hesitant to accept Wesley, and when he met with the Kindergarten teacher, she treated my sweet boy like he had the plague. I was crushed, and my heart ached. When I told me daughter, she was shocked that I had not considered Concordia and advised me to call them immediately. I called and Mrs. Smith was the same lovely, kind lady I remembered. She made an appointment for us to meet with Mrs. Murray, who was the Kindergarten teacher at the time. I'll never forget the way Mrs. Murray received my son. She loved on him and made him feel like she was so excited to have him in her class. We were put on a waiting list, but I prayed throughout the summer and worked with Wesley on the tips Mrs. Murray gave me to better prepare him for Kindergarten. I remember getting the call from Mr. U a week before school started saying that Wesley was in. I still tear up today when I think of how Mrs. Murray loved on my boy and taught him throughout his first year at Concordia. She even caught that he was color blind and referred us for help.

Wesley attended Concordia through the 8th grade and went on the UCHS and graduated from there. He has nothing but praise for his years at Concordia, where he was well-prepared for high school and developed lasting relationships with classmates, teachers and staff there. Like my daughter, Wesley was able to thrive at Concordia through the many sports and activities offered. During his high school years, he went back and volunteered at Concordia and is working as assistant coach for the varsity basketball team while he attends CVCC.

Even though my family is very conservative and haven't always agreed with some of the teachers' views, we will always be grateful to the staff and teachers who poured their lives into our children, always treating them with love and respect.

Kristi C. Marlow