Many Christian schools have used the term that “Christ is the Core” using an apple as a symbol. At Concordia, Christ is the WHOLE APPLE! From the moment that you are greeted at the door with a smile and love until the last bell of the day, you know that Jesus Christ loves you and so do we. We believe that being a Christian school is more than just having religion classes. It’s how you treat your classmates with love and respect all day long. 


There are so many extracurricular activities at Concordia for 4th-8th grade. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, tennis, golf, track and field and fencing provide numerous opportunities for your student to be active and involved.


Every family that sends their child to our school knows that their child will be loved. We know our parents and include them in the educational process of their children. We know the activities that our students are involved in and we are their cheerleaders.


In a day and age where schools are dropping many of the fine arts, we have made it a priority. Concordia offers music, band, choir, art and Spanish. We are a 1:1 technology school as every student in grades 3-8 have their own Chromebook. God has created each one of us in a unique way. We want to bring out the best in each child.


Every year we are told that “Concordia students are so well prepared for high school.” Every year you will find alumni from Concordia representing their class in high school as the valedictorian or salutatorian. Concordia’s students will be equipped for any high school they attend.


Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive, excellence driven education in which an integrated faith in Jesus Christ is fostered, celebrated, and shared throughout our community.





What Parents Are Saying

“A few of the reasons we choose Concordia are we are pleased the Bible is taught, our children can talk openly about Jesus, hear prayers for themselves, their teachers, parents and others after hearing scripture verses, daily. Our children are greeted with a smile and have fives by our energetic, fun loving principal which gives each child a special self-worth and all while receiving an excellent education.”

My Concordia Story

My daughter, Danielle, started Concordia in the third grade before the building was built that exists today. She had been in public school before, and the difference was overwhelming. 
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