Spiritual Growth

Religion Classes

The main objective for all of our religion classes is to help our students grow in biblical knowledge and then apply that knowledge through our relationships. Helping our students in their faith walk and in their intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Chapel / Offerings / Missions Projects

Each week students of Concordia assemble together for a special Children's Chapel Service. These services are designed to draw the children closer to their Lord and Savior and to strengthen their faith in Him as their only hope for salvation. They demonstrate that worship is not just a Sunday experience for adults, but rather a vital part of school life and daily living. The offerings brought by the students to these services are used to help support various mission projects in our community.

What Parents Are Saying

“My son, a 4th grader at Concordia, told me, "my teacher walks closely with the Lord." The administration and staff at Concordia seek to know and encourage each child and family individually and intentionally while consistently pointing to Christ and His values. We are praising God that our children can grow spiritually and be stretched academically in such a safe and loving environment!”

My Concordia Story

My daughter, Danielle, started Concordia in the third grade before the building was built that exists today. She had been in public school before, and the difference was overwhelming. 
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