Tuition & Financial Aid

Concordia's Scholarship Fund

Concordia Christian Day School has been blessed with generous gifts by individuals who saw the need to help families afford tuition. It is our philosophy that every family will be able to send their children to our school, and finances will not be a hindrance. That’s why we have one of the most robust needs-based scholarship programs in our area. The Scholarship Program is used to assist families who demonstrate a financial need through our application process.

Concordia uses an online application process for our Scholarship Program. For over 40 years, TADS has developed a first-rate financial aid evaluation product. Their comprehensive system is designed to be efficient and easy to use. Be assured that TADS is a very reputable and secure company. This provides the scholarship committee an accurate auditing of families’ applications to show a real financial picture. All families wishing to apply for Concordia’s Scholarship Program must apply online through TADS. There is a application fee per family. Once the application has been completed, TADS will notify the school.

TADS Online Application Process:

  1. Visit website, and select “Family LOG IN” at the top of the page. Click on the purple Financial Aid Assessment “Click to Log In." Select “Create a New Account” button and set up your account for the application.
  2. Next you will select from a drop down for state, city, and school. You will then acknowledge that you are applying for the selected school year. This will start the application process. If you have any questions refer to “Need Help?" Tab along the right. The school does not have access to your information.
  3. Once the application has been fully completed and the application fee has been paid, TADS will notify the school. The Scholarship Committee will review your application and notify you of the final outcome. Any further concerns should be discussed with the principal.


North Carolina Scholarship Grants
North Carolina offers three programs that expand school choice for eligible students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Opportunity Scholarship, Disabilities Grant, and Education Savings Account can cover tuition and required fees at a participating nonpublic school. The award amounts, eligibility requirements, and application timelines differ for each program.

Opportunity Scholarship Program
The Opportunity Scholarship provides funding of up to $4,200 per year for eligible children who choose to attend a nonpublic school. There are certain criteria to be eligible to apply for fund. More information can be found at

Disabilities Grant Program
The Disabilities Grant program provides funding of up to $8,000 per year to help parents pay qualified expenses for children with disabilities who attend school in an eligible setting. More information can be found at

Education Savings Account
The Education Savings Account (ESA) provides an option for parents to pay tuition and required fees at a participating nonpublic school and/or qualified expenses for their children with disabilities who attend school in an eligible non public setting. More information on this program can be found at

What Parents Are Saying

“I love the Christian foundation that the school is based on. It has helped make my daughters faith in Christ stronger. All of the staff show love and grace to all of God's children. We've been so blessed to be part of the Concordia for the past 7 years.”

My Concordia Story

My daughter, Danielle, started Concordia in the third grade before the building was built that exists today. She had been in public school before, and the difference was overwhelming. 
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